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Visit and explore Beamsville and surroundings
Tourist Region: "Niagara"
Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Beamsville in the Niagara Region

If we are not in a hurry we use HWY 8 instead of the QEW. We stoped at fruit stands if they are open or hat a meal in a restaurant which offered specialities of former Yugoslavia. It changed ownership after many years and I miss it. Elizabeth, my wife became a vegetarian and she is now happy with fresh fruits.
I should do the same because being handicapped I reduced my physical activities but not my food intake.
Following HWY 8 you will pass several small but interesting places such as eateries, wineries and villages which are growing and expanding into the green belt.
So far I did mot visit any hose wineries because I prefer beer and ave already my favorite winery in NOTL. <
But you can make in and around Beamsville your own wine tour by visiting one of the numerous places such as Malivoire, Fielding Estate Winery, Hidden Bench Estate Winery, Organized Crime Winery, Thirty Bench, Angel's Gate, Peninsula Ridge, Cave Spring Cellars, Daniel Lenko Estate Winery, Magnotta, Mountain Road Winery, Legends Estates, Megalomaniac winery, and Crown Bench.
Please don't get drunk by excessive testing!

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Beamsville always surprised me. HWY 8 guides you through the main downtown area and I am always please about the fact how it was improved. Most electrical power lines are now buried, and heritage buildings had been renovated and I even did not have any problems finding a parking space for handicapped people.
Beamsville has a population of around 11 000 and is a part Lincoln.

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
No visible power lines, free parking, nice and clean

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
One of the historical buildings

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Not historical - but invitational

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
A memorial place

Beamsville, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Visit one of the churches

I do not know who drinks all the wine which is produced here. Alcohol is not cheap in Canada. In Italy for example wine was cheaper than the mineral water which you normally use to water it down when you are thirsty and have lunch.
Our visitors from Germany love to try regional produced wine but only take ice wine back home. Mainly because of the weight restrictions by the air lines
Please use the links in our travel guide to get some impressions of our visits.

Vineland, Ontario, Niagara Region, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Looks really expensive

Wooden Horse Farm bei Welland

Battle of Cook's Mills, nachgespielt 2014 in Welland

Unglücklicherweise habe ich nachstehende Überraschung, durch "Alphabet® Photography" in der "Seaway Mall" in Welland vermisst.

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Ball's Falls, Naturschutzgebiet, nahe bei Jordan, Ontario, Kanada

Niagara Falls, Floral Showhouse, Tourismus

Thorold, Ontario, Canada - nicht nur die Schleusen vom Welland Kanal sind eine Attraktion.

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Happy Rolph's, St,Catharines, Ontario, Streichelzoo, petting farm, picnic area, Tourismus

Kunsthandwerk der Ureinwohner von Nordamerika, crafts and art work of the native people from North America

Wainfleet Wetlands, Ontario, Niagara Region. Naturschutzgebiet, Conservation Area

Sie sich folgendes Video an: "Niagara Region, Ontario, Impressionen, impressions, tourism, Tourismus"

Between the Lines, Weingut - klein aber fein, a small winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Sehen Sie sich unser Video an: Byng Island, schönes Erholungsgelände bei Dunnville, Ontario, beautiful conservation area

Dain City, Welland, Ontario, Impressionen

"Pow Wow in Fort Erie, Ontario"

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her?

Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

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