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Neufundland Fahne

Our visit to the "Bird Rock" in Cape St. Mary's, Newfoundland, Canada
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Please do not forget to enlarge the map!

You do not see that too often in Newfoundland-Labrador

Here you can get many information...

...such as maps

Before you start walking you should visit the information center. That helps to enjoy the trip much more. You know what you should look for and also what you should not do.
They also offer guided tours.
Be careful and watch your kids, There are no fences to protect them from a fall.
We met many elderly people which is a proof that you must not be afraid to become too exhausted. Just take it easy.

Please obey these few instructions

You can see that a fall could be fatal...

.... so be careful!

The sights were really breathtaking - also thanks to the beautiful weather. Without any doubt we were lucky and enjoyed every minute which we had spent here at the "Bird Rock" and stopped very often to take pictures. Unfortunately I had been too lazy to take also my video camera with me and the old digital camera was not suitable for taking videos.
We can now understand that friends from us moved to Nova Scotia to retire there in a house on the coast. We also loved Nova Scotia - just visit our web site about our car trips from Ontario to Newfoundland-Labrador. Use the link in the right column.

At the birds:

It was the first time in our life that we had visited such an ecological reserve. Elizabeth as an animal lover was totally excited. At home and at her mom;s place she is feeding all kind of animals - even when experts say not to do that. She almost achieved the challenging task that the cats a peace treaty with the birds and allow the to steal some of their dry food without taking to often revenge by catching a well fed bird for dinner.
I believe the pictures talk for themselves. I do not know all the names of the birds and certainly the Internet provides valuable details written by experts./

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