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Our visit of Churchill Falls and the power generating station Labrador - CF(L)Co
Newfoundland - Tourism, travel guide

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After having visited the island of Newfoundland we wanted to visit and explore the "Big Land" how Labrador is called.
Especially for our trip to Labrador we had received excellent none financial support through the tourism department of the provincial government. That we really second to none compared wit certain states from Germany or Ontario.
For me Newfoundland-Labrador is still number one in promoting tourism. They know their target group and provide the information which keeps them attracted. If the high costs for the needed health insurance could be suspended for Canadians we would love to come back - a challenge for our federal government to grant this for a limited travel period!
For our trip we had luckily a car which was suited for the gravel roads in Labrador which we had to use at this time. Sufficient ground clearance with nothing hanging down which could be ripped off. Real life is very often different to a TV stunt as we learned by listening to other travelers about their experience.
One advise, there are not too may gas stations in Labrador, make sure that you never run dry! The distance from Labrador West to Churchill Galls is only about 240 km.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
On our way from Labrador West to Churchill Falls. This road was well maintained, but you should see other ones!

Churchill Falls, Labrador
Elizabeth taking a picture of a sign

We stopped very often to take pictures. Elizabeth wanted to know what the sign that. It was posted by the power generating station and I never read it before we came home. Obviously we did not violate any regulations in Churchill Falls and everybody was friendly and helpful to us.
We were happy about the sunshine.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
The sign in different languages

Churchill Falls, Labrador
The birds took advantage by building their nests in a very safe location

We did not see many animals. Not a single bear posed for us and foxes and other small creatures did not wait long enough to get their pictures taken.

Churchill Falls, Labrador

\>Churchill Falls, Labrador
We are close

We did not experience any problems - except that our radio was dead and when Elizabeth tried to call her mom with our cell phone it did not work either.
Then we arrived in Churchill Falls. Similar to Labrador West (Labrador City and Wabush) depends completely of one industry the CF(L)Co. how the "Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation" is called.
All houses are owned by this company and are heated by using environmental friendly electrical power and are rented for a moderate rate to the employees.
Because of the remote location also free flights are offered on a regular basis. Even small communities have very often an "airport".
When we visited Churchill Falls the population was estimated with about 650.
Naturally we wanted to stay her over night to participate in a free and guided tour through the power plant. Thanks to all the information which we had received we wanted to stay in the huge community center. As usual we had not booked a room in advance to avoid the stress to be at a certain time on a place. We were lucky again!

Churchill Falls, Labrador
The community center

Churchill Falls, Labrador
We were not the only visitors

Churchill Falls, Labrador
Our room - nothing fancy, but clean and even a working TV

Churchill Falls, Labrador
We were hungry and needed something to eat

Elizabeth explored the community center after and I made some noted and was surprised that I even could access Internet after not being able to receive a radio program or use the cell phone.
I know when Elizabeth goes on window shopping or the real thing it can take a very long time and I get always impatient. This time she was a good girl and came back after an amazing short time. So we started to explore Churchill Falls together and to book the tour through the power plant.

Labrador on the road

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

Please watch the following slide show to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

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Churchill Falls, Labrador
Churchill Falls, Labrador
Churchill Falls, Labrador
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Churchill Falls, Labrador
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