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Visit and explore the tourist region:
Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The Niagara Region

If you are one of the people who believe that Canada is cold, boring and expensive (according to a market evaluation many do so) we want to correct this wrong impression even when we can not deny that our winter can be very cold, but winter can be also cold in countries such as Spain. Maybe some of my tip will also help you to save money - because Canada is not cheap.
Just visit the southern part of Ontario in summer and experience the temperatures. Just check on a world map our location and compare it with the French Riviera and other well known summer retreats and you will understand why.
Naturally, the nick name "Banana Belt" is an exaggeration - bananas don't grow here, you will find them only in super markets and normally they are green and hard unless you pick them up from the reduced shelve.
Depending from the month you visit us you should try our locally grown fruits, The southern part of Ontario is well known for apples, pears, peaches, apricots, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, grapes etc.
Ontario became also very fast an excellent reputation for quality wines. Besides Austria and Germany it is well know for making "Ice Wine". Many of the wine growers came from Europe. You will find the wine regions here in the "Festival Country" in the "Niagara Region" and in "Southwestern Ontario" around Leamington on the "Pelee Island". Visit some of the wineries and join a guided tour.

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A fancy winery with restaurant

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
More down to earth - well known for ice wine

The Niagara Region offers many attractions to tourists. Naturally many of them are commercialized. But that should you not keep away of visiting them.
Despite of these highlights this relatively small region offers many of not so well know hidden germs. Just browse through our websites. If you are lucky and interested maybe you can enjoy some of the events which we show take place during your visit.
Naturally our area also offers very much for relaxation which should be an important part of holidays. Sunbathing, swimming, boating, fishing and a variety of sport activities are only a few things you van do.
I hope that my website helps to inspire you!
Find an accommodation which suits your needs and become an explorer. Try different restaurants. Don't forget to read the posted reviews in the Internet before your decision.

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guider
At the Niagara River

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Niagara Falls

Follow the signs of specific tourist routes such as the "wine route"!
Stop at different places, use small side roads. I love to do that and I will add YouTube videos which I recorded with my dash cam to convince you. This became my new hobby since driving a Prius V.
Really interesting but little events are very often poorly advertised and for stupid reasons only after they had taken place. So I missed many of those. But I went to the following one with my father in law who was a veteran and who enjoyed everything involving the military past of Canada.
In this even the Canadian Army supported a local museum which is dedicated to the war between 1812 and 1814..
Lots of music, live demonstrations and a pig roast.

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A Scottish band and ...

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
.... participants in costumes

Watch parades, visit local museums and visit "Provincial Parks". Use the installed links to learn what to expect!

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guider
The conservation area "Ball's"Falls" offers more than just hiking

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Escape routes are often worthwhile to discover something

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Demonstration of an alternative surfing technique in Port Colborne

Some tours are more strenuous - others are not. Two examples of Niagara Falls

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
In the gorge (Glenn) you have to do some climbing

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
In the park you will be spoiled by friendly ladies

Niagara Region, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The park is worth a visit - even without the ladies shown above

Falls auch deutsche Firmen auf unseren Seiten werben wollen, tun wir das gerne. Wir bieten das zu wirklich akzeptablen Kosten an. Fragen Sie uns.

Jetzt genug der Einf├╝hrung.

Vlog Exploring Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls City, Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Werben Sie bei uns, Advertise in our Internet travel guides

Die Niagara Region, Ontario, Impressionen, Tourismus, travel guide

Reasons why Niagara Region is an amazing tourist destination

Ball's Falls, Naturschutzgebiet, nahe bei Jordan, Ontario, Kanada, Tourismus, travel guide

Niagara Falls, Floral Showhouse, Tourismus, travel guide

Thorold, Ontario, Canada - nicht nur die Schleusen vom Welland Kanal sind eine Attraktion.

Einige Impressionen vom Eriesee, Tourismus. Some impressions from Lake Erie, tourism

Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

Kunsthandwerk der Ureinwohner von Nordamerika, tourism, travel guide

Parks in Ontario, for nature lovers, tourism, travel guide

The siege of Fort Erie, Tourismus, travel guide

Pow Wow in Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Battle of Cook's Mills, nachgespielt 2014 in Welland, tourism, travel guide

Niagara Parkway, Canada, tourism, travel guide

Dain City, Welland, Ontario, impressions, tourism, travel guide

Wainfleet Wetlands, Ontario, Niagara Region. Naturschutzgebiet, Conservation Area

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: "Impressionen einer Tour entlang dem Welland Canal. Impressions of a tour along the Welland Canal."

Between the Lines, Weingut, tourism, travel guide

Happy Rolph's, St,Catharines, Ontario, Streichelzoo, tourism, travel guide

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her? Tourismus, travel guide

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