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Visit and Explore Toronto's Chinatown
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

In Toronto you can visit two Chinatowns. I always explored the "Main Chinatown" in the area around Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street. Already at the end of the 19th century Chinese families had started to settle there.
The second one is called "East Chinatown" and can be found around Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street.
I visited mainly the "Main Chinatown"because Chinese friends had introduced me to that.
We live now in Welland and I enjoy now Chinese food here, but the restaurants can not offer all the specialities which are offered in Toronto to a mainly Chinese clientele.
Please use the link to see what we get in Welland!

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The intersection Spadina Avenue - Dundas Street

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
View towards Spadina Avenue

As I already said my Chinese friends had been a great help. I told them before what I would never touch and they respected that and I was not scarred to try certain things which I never had tried before because I did not even know that they existed.
That was a very helpful introduction. The same had happened to me when I visited Japan. You need trustful guides or you have to prepare yourself buy reading articles or books what is not as much fun as going out with friends.
I really liked some of the specialities which I tried in Toronto. Some of them looked and almost tasted like typical Bavarian specialties which use pork and which must enjoy with lots of beer. I got the required beer already at 11:00 am in Chinatown and had not to wait until noon. I believe this stupid law does not exist any longer. Many places offer all day long breakfast - why not beer too? Nothing against mandatory limits and restrictions to prevent us from drunk drivers.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
We bought dried Chinese mushrooms here

I did not know many of the exotic fruits and vegetables which were offered here at this time. I am still working on it to improve my knowledge by trying them.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Feeling like in China

I never have been in China, but in Japan and Indonesia and this section of Toronto gave me an impression of a Chinese town.
Everybody was speaking Chinese, Chinese music from everywhere and the different smells from all the cooking.
It was sometimes amazing to watch how the food was prepared. Watch some of the videos which I have embedded in our travel guide!
Don't miss this experience and try some of the food. Everybody was friendly and polite.
Our visitors from Germany did that a few times and loved it.
Unfortunately all their trips are business trips and they have only very limited time for sightseeing and they are also interested in our great nature.
Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Ontario is not only bilingual with English and French as you can see!

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Certainly you will also get the feeling being in China.

Be prepared to walk if you want to enjoy the flair of a different world and culture. Do some shopping. Don't be afraid to try some of the specialities. Most of them are not "Canadianized ".
I did that. but naturally I was also careful if was without a Chinese friend as a guide.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A normal Chinese dish!

Our visitors had this kind of food for dinner after being exhausted by the hot weather, the high humidity and all the walking. They preferred not to use chop sticks for that reason.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
You have to walk!

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Fruits and veggies are offered everywhere.

Elizabeth my wife love to go to a local Chinese restaurant in Welland. It is called "Lily's Cuisine". It is not fancy but you get a good value for your money.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Please use the links below to the embedded YouTube videos to be prepared for your visit of another world in Toronto.
Be prepared that not everybody speaks English - but most people do.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
I love food like that, Some of it reminds me to Bavarian specialities - many thanks to "Mikerussell" and Wikipedia

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