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Dining in Toronto, Canada, Ontario
Tourism, Travel Guide

I believe that I was born to eat and my wife Elizabeth was born to shop. However we have one important thing where we both have to restrict ourselves in overdoing that. We have to watch my weight and the money we can spend.
Sometimes when we went to Toronto we both exceeded often our limits.
I grew up in Germany. I always traveled during my vacations and also on business. I became addicted to authentic ethnic food.
I was really happy to find such places in Toronto because of the large amount of people with foreign background who know how certain food should be prepared.
I will not make any longer free advertising for specific business. But you can browse the Internet and read reviews which have been prepared hopefully by real customers.
I even was allowed to enjoy an expensive, small beer on a not fenced in patio, but I was disgusted that it was served in a plastic cup. That is for me an insult and not culture - it is like drinking good wine using a straw! Quebec was much more advanced!

Toronto, Canada, Ontario,Tourism, Travel Guide
Plastic cup and overprized!

When you come from overseas you may prefer some authentic Canadian food. Toronto is a good place to do that too. I can confirm that.
But my preference ist still to dry authentic ethnic food which are not offered everywhere in Canada - but I also have limits and stay away from too exotic things.
"Dim Sum" is now offered even outside of Toronto, but I tried it in a place where I was the only one not being Chinese.
Chinese waitresses push little carts around and offer the different specialities in Chinese - however they tried to explain in English what it was but I could not understand them too well and took a chance. I had corded Chinese tea which I love. and I can drink lots of it.
Whenever I go for another "Dim Sum" I will use the Internet to familiarize me a little bit what it includes.
Only in Toronto I experienced how efficient some Chinese place are operated. They use a pretty table cover made out of paper and wehen you are finished they take it away with all the empty dished etc. on it. I new and fresh one was hidden below the top layer. We never spoiled so much that more than one had to be wasted.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario,Tourism, Travel Guide
English as a second language
Toronto, Canada, Ontario,Tourism, Travel Guide
"Dim Sum"

Toronto, Canada, Ontario,Tourism, Travel Guide
Another Chinese dish in Chinatown. My son had that and he was not too impressed - we had better things when our Chinese friends were with us.

We only want that you will use the chance to experience a gastronomic adventure in Toronto. Some of them are unforgettable for me - especially what I had experienced in Japan. It was fun and i loved also their beer and the sake. The mockups made out of wax of the offered food were always a great help for me.
Please get used that very often small places which do not look fancy offer better food for less money than some of those which give you the impression you must go there to be recognized as somebody special and successful. I survived a few of them already!
Pleas be aware that the posted prices do not include taxes and gratuities in Canada. Be prepared. A tip between 15 and 20% is expected for good service.
Some of our visitors told us that they wer surprised when they tried some "fast food" offered by outlets not known to them. They loved it better than that offered by the " brand names". I knew that and prefer them also when I am in a shopping mall.

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