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What Welland needs on it's way from a
doom town to a boom town

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We need industry and investors

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1. Preface:

I am aware that this sounds insulting. But after reading years ago in our local paper that Welland is on its way to a boom town after a new restaurant had opened its doors in our downtown I am still waiting that this happens.
The restaurant which was celebrated has been closed a long time ago and so did many others. People in Welland just don't have the money to enjoy and support certain places or events and pay on top of that rising parking fees, higher taxes and increasing costs for almost everything.
I have worked for many years in Germany and in Canada in well paid management positions - not only in engineering but also in the finance department of a still very successful German manufacturer of high class cars and motorcycles.
After retirement, we opened our own small company in Welland. That was in 1990. I am now almost 79 years old and not brain dead. I admit my hearing is very bad - but I still try to listen which is much better than contra wise. I also admit that I never worked so much for so little money.
I love Canada and gave up my German citizenship to become a Canadian.
Instead of watching TV all day long I created Internet travel guides to improve tourism without asking for any financial support.
Now we have good friends in Welland and in the Niagara Region and I do not have any intentions to move to another place only because some people may recommend that.
Being already so old I cannot waste any more time by trying to motivate town councils, majors, associations to the right things.
I do what I think should be done to help as long as I can afford it! I must cut corners now.
One new approach which I recently stated is to add slide shows and video clips to my travel guides using YouTube. In many cases I must use older pictures from events. I cannot spend any longer our own money to visit them and I learned that even a well paid general manager of one of our towns was not able to provide free tickets for one of the remaining and good events. But at least I got an answer.
Newfoundland-Labrador and Thuringia were much more cooperative.
For that reason I am going public because I do not want to be censored by anybody or completely ignored as it happened when I offered my help.
The local paper did not even respond when I asked them for their Internet advertising rates! Were they afraid that they must print in future my comments because they do not want to bite a hand which feeds them?

2. Situation of Welland:

Just explore our town with open eyes and you will see it. Compare the actual situation with certain "success stories". Some of them remind me on the Nazi propaganda during WWII - but done by apprentices and not by evil professionals.
Read my comments by using the links above! Respond to me!

3. My proposal:
I am aware that this challenging task cannot be achieved within weeks or months. It also cannot achieved my me alone. A motivated team is required and we should start now to work on it.

3.1 Mandatory prerequisites:

• The only way to improve the situation of our town and the whole region is to create new jobs in production and service. This is mandatory to reduce poverty and crime. Industry which we lost will probably never come back!

• Welland and our region must create a trustfully environment which will attract business and very important - investors. Right now business is leaving or scarred off. DMI in Stevensville is only one example. An essential part is caused by the different political interests which are not targeted to help the people but to win the next elections.

• When the next elections for our regional and town management come up. Vote only those candidates who have good track records and are experienced to run successfully a business. Together they should have sufficient experience and knowledge to eliminate the excessive use of high paid consultants. In Welland we obviously need high paid consultants for almost everything because of a lack of qualified and really dedicated people running our town.

• The town and the region must be operated similar to a successful business. Money from all Canadian tax payers should only be spend for job creation programs when a return of the investment in an acceptable time can be demonstrated.

• I recommend that all interested business people of all of Welland form an independent team without any funding from the town or region to work on a realistic feasibility study to show what is required and how to archive it. I participated in a few BIA meetings and you can read my findings and recommendations also by using a link above. They were not even able to motivate most of the downtown business to come to the meeting how can they attract investors and visitors? Naturally - I never received any response to my comments and recommendations. They also run the association on tax payers money.

3.2 Some of my ideas:

• For long term manufacturing jobs I see chances in the "Green Industry". Unfortunately only the Liberal party is supporting this essential technology for our future right now. Mismanagement and over spending caused well funded critic to this approach which is used not only by the PC party but also by this party and the NDP politicians who all see benefits by doing so to gain votes during the next elections. Again - please use the link above to read my detailed suggestions and recommendations.

• Tourism is another source to create or maintain existing jobs. Our city is already working on that but spending millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers without a proof for an adequate return.
Checking the Internet daily I found one restaurant which confirmed a few weeks later after one of the "big events" that it had more business during this weekend and one of an hotel which raised even prices during the same event. Our visitors from Germany booked for that reasons for a few days a room in Port Colborne. They liked it there too and will probably stay there next year again.
The Italian restaurant which was so excited about the short time of more business had to close a few weeks after it had posted their experience. They should have improved the quality of their food instead. I loved it at the beginning but it went down continuously. At the end we had to wait too long to get a luke warm espresso after our not to great meals.

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Advertise in our Internet travel guides

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