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international trading company
136 West Main Street, Welland ON, L3C 5A2, Canada
Phone: 905-788-3577

RBBSMART, 58 Sovereign Drive
St. Catharines, ON L2T 1Z7, Canada
International trading company and RBBSMART your reliable partners for web design and translations

Web design company located in Welland, Ontario. We create successful web sites in the languages German and English. Not only for small business and not only for the tourist industry also for the industry.
We also help to preserve memories!

We need industry and investors

Status of the Niagara region Green energy can help to create and secure well paid jobs
We need more tourism in Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador
We can help - About international trading company A message to the tourist industry A critical review of the pererformance of tourism in Ontario
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Travel guide Ontario

international press card, internationaler Presseausweis
Parts of our German Portfolio
Reiseführer für die Provinz Neufundland-Labrador
Reiseführer für einen Teil von Ontario
Besucher aus Kanada erleben Thüringen
Suchbare Datenbank für Kanada
Eine Frühstückspension mit deutschen Gastgebern, Riesen Grundstück!
Susan's Villa, Pension, Frühstückspension, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Kanada, Unterkunft, deutsch
Royal Botanical Gardens, botanische Gartenanlage in Burlington - Hamilton
Powwow, Pow Wow, Fort Erie, Ontario, Indianer
drum night, ein Abend mit den Ureinwohnern bei den Trommeln
Eisfischen in Ontario, Kanada
Queenston Heights, Park am Niagara River, Teil der kanadischen Geschichte
Militärmuseum in Brantford, Ontario
Ontario Ereignisse
Christliches Erholungsheim, Camp, Kahquah
Meisters Sweets, Meister's Sweets, deutsche Konditorei,  in Crystal Beach, Fort Erie,Ontario
Besuchen Sie den Rock Point Provincial Park am Eriesee
Weinprobe in der Niagara Region, erst versuchen, dann kaufen
Erholungsgebiet Byng Island am Grand River bei Dunnville, Ontario, Schwimmbecken, Camping, Bootfahren, Wandern, Natur
Selkirk Provincial Park am Eriesee
Die Belagerung von Fort Erie - ein historisches Ereignis wird nachgespielt
Fort George bei Niagara on the Lake
Canal Days in Port Colborne, ein  Ereignis wo der Welland Kanal in den Eriesee mündet
Ball's Falls, Naturschutzgebiet, wandern, Erntedankfest
Point Pelee, ein wirklich sehenswerter Park
Tour, Lake Erie, Eriesee, Reiseführer, Provincial Parks, baden, fischen, Natur
Safari Park, African Lion Safari Park, bei Hamilton
Pinery Provincial Park an Lake Huron
Fanshawe pioneer village in London, Ontario - es zeigt wie die Pioniere in Ontario gelebt haben
Discovery Harbour, Penetanguishene
Sainte Marie among the Hurons - ein recht interessantes Museum
Huronendorf in Midland, Ontario
Unsere Erfahrungen mit Ferien in einer Cottage
Americana Hotel, Resort, Wasserpark, Spa, Niagara Falls, Kanada
Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her?
Schottische Festspiele. Leider nicht mehr in Fort Erie.
Schmetterlimgshaus in Niagara Falls
Edinburgh 1745, Ereignis, event, Fort Erie, Jakobiten
Niagara Parkway, szenische Tour entlang dem Niagara River
Einkaufen in Ontario
Unsere Reise nach Neufundland und zurück
Wir haben von Neufundland oder Labrador immer etwas mit nach hause gebracht
Norstead eine nachgebaute Siedlung der Wikinger, recht interessant
Besuch bei den Eisbergen
Wissenswertes über Eisberge
Besuch bei den Walen, Eisbergen, Seevögeln
Cape St. Mary, Neufundland, Vogelschutzgebiet
Around the circle dinner theatre, Twillingate, Neufundland
Tour entlang dem Torrent River in Hawkes Bay Neufundland
Neufundland, Gros Morne, Nationalpark, Western Brook Pond, Bootstour
room Point, Neufundland, Hummer, fischen, Gros Morne Nationalpark
Studio Gargamelle, Walmuseum, Volkskunst, Port au Choix

About us

We are a Canadian company - located in Welland Ontario. Our small business was established in 1990. We started with import and export between Europe and Canada.
Immediately after the availability of the Internet we used this media to sell our products online in North America and in Europe.
We decided to design our Internet presence by ourselves in the languages English and German.
Because of the success we decided to offer web design services in German and English as an additional source of income. Because of the changed market and the financial risks we are reducing now import and export.
One of our major target groups for web design is the tourist industry in Canada and in Germany. However, we designed also successful sites for the industry. My extensive experience as an engineer is an important prerequisite for this kind of work.
As a pre-requisite for the tourism industry we started very early with Internet tourist guides in both languages to create a good media for advertiser and to demonstrate our capabilities.
Just browse through the shown parts of our portfolios. We show there many links to sites which we deigned on this and the following pages.
We streamlined our operating costs to be able to offer all of our services at a fair and very reasonable price. Our sites rang normally on top when you use Google search. (Please be aware that for German sites you should use and German key words!)
Our advantage for tourism is that we know the expectations of Europeans as well as of North Americans. This is important when you try to attract them to your country. Just check our travel guides and slide shows.
We try to do everything to prevent frustration of visitors or getting embarrassed because they did not know the different customs of the country which they visited. We show many maps and we also will advise our customers to meet the expectations of foreign visitors.
In order to allow a simple search for attractions, cities, restaurants etc., we have included a searchable database always in the respective language. We are continuously adding new entries for all paying customers.
We did not list all sites designed by us in the portfolios. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

We decided to cooperate with a company, called "RBBSMART". This allows us to become more efficient, to add new services such as translation services and writing of manuals etc. In addition this cooperation will boost the quality of our work by having a second opinion and spell and grammar checking for sites of paying customers.
The owner of "RBBSMART" is our friend Maja Ruscher-Bose, which I know for many years when we both were working for MBB a German helicopter manufacturer in Fort Erie. Now it is called Eurocopter and very active.
Maja was one of the major writers in the "Technical Publications Department" for the required manuals, service bulletins etc.
On certain projects we worked already together in the past - now it will become our standard procedure.

Company Profile of RBBSMART:

RBBSMART is a translation/interpretation, technical writing, editing and proofreading business

M. Ruscher-Bose

Education, Business History:
Native speaker of German, M.A. English (IUP, USA), M.A. Linguistics (Simon Fraser, Canada), Certificate for French (Sorbonne, Paris, France)

Over 25 years of experience in translation (German, English, French), covering areas such as literary, technical, legal, medical, environmental and business among others

Worked as a technical translator/writer for MBB/Eurocopter Canada

Contract translator for the Federal Government of Canada since 1988

We are proud of our meticulous, thorough jobs and efficient, timely delivery of service.

What we offer

Before you select a company to design your web site or to promote your business you should compare very carefully. Always have in mind what you want to achieve with your web site. The following are some essentials of what we offer:
• Web design which is focused on your business needs. We have been in the Internet business for over 12 years and know what customers want.
• Web sites which can also be easily used by elderly people.
• Excellent knowledge of the European culture and expectations of potential customers (we are a German - Canadian team).
• Very reasonable prices due to little overhead.
• For the tourism business of Ontario and Newfoundland - Labrador it is a great advantage that we have already German language tourist guides available. They provide sound information and not just a telephone number and an address (those you can find in a telephone directory or the yellow pages). We have received many positive comments.
• We do not believe in the common practice of trying to attract visitors by telling them only that they will find accommodation and restaurants in Canada. Most people can sleep and eat for less money at home. We know it is important to attract tourists through a good presentation of our country.
• Knowing the expectations that the large German-speaking population in Europe has of Canada is another advantage which we offer. Frequently the expectations and reality do not coincide. Our tourist guides prevent disappointments and highlight the subtle differences between the cultures. Not everything which attracts Americans will be enjoyed by Europeans.
• We can also be your partner to attract European industry to invest in Ontario or in Canada.
Please consider the above statements when you make your decision in selecting your Internet partner. If you are in the tourism business think about why the Yukon Territory and the province of Nova Scotia attract so many German tourists. They have successfully provided helpful information in German for visitors.
The Euro is still relatively strong and paid vacations in Europe are much longer than in North America. That means visitors will generally stay longer in our country.
We have met Germans who have visited Canada several times and some of them would love to retire here.

Our concept.

We believe the main tasks of a web site are:
• to bring business to the owner of the web site
• to present the business of our customers in an eye-catching and easily understandable way. This is important because many elderly people are now using the Internet and they want to have easy access to the information. Certain "Bells and Whistles" chase them away.
• to present the essentials of the business and not text without useful content. Visitors should be attracted to your business and they should feel confident that you are an honest partner whom they can trust.
• to allow easy navigation through the web site. This again is important for older customers who may not be that familiar with the Internet.
• to offer only complete and working web sites. It is very frustrating to open links and not get any results.
• to use proper-sized images. Especially for tourism, stamp-sized pictures should be avoided.
• not to compete with business directories such as the yellow pages, which are an excellent source of information when you are looking for a certain business or specific services.
• to include a searchable data base. We use different main categories, list all businesses which use our services with the essential information and install a link as well a search function.
• to use the principle of travel magazines for our advertisers in the tourist business. This means, it is essential to have Internet tourist guides in place where advertising has a good chance to create business.
• to charge reasonable fees for our services. You tell us what you want and we tell you how much it will cost. We can do this because we keep our operating costs low. For events held by charitable organizations, for publicly funded attractions, such as museums, we may even do a web site for free. (Unfortunately, we experienced lots of resistance with that in Ontario. Cooperation was much better in Thuringia, Germany, and also in Newfoundland.)
If you think this is common knowledge - you are wrong! Just check the web. For example, pretend to be a person who is interested in vacationing in a certain area of Ontario, let's say in the Niagara Peninsula.
Try to find out what you can see and visit there. Check where the attractions are located and when they are open. Try to find a restaurant which offers specific food - let's say Japanese cuisine.
After you went through this exercise you will understand what we mean. Even an award does not turn such a web site into a good one.

Preserve memories of loved ones - for Lizzie and her mom with love

Advertise in our Internet travel guides. Excellent also for air lines, travel agencies, car rentals and much more!

Web design company in Welland, Ontario Canada

Niagara Region, Ontario, Impressionen, impressions

Susan's accommodations, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Neufundland-Labrador Impressionen, Newfoundland-Labrador impressions

Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

Die Belagerung von Fort Erie. The siege of Fort Erie.

Port Colborne Impressionen, Impressions of Port Colborne

Welland Ontario Impressions, Impressionen

Welland, Rose Parade, some scenes, einige Ausschnitte

Café Amalia, Welland, Ontario - a great meeting place

Parks in Ontario, für Naturliebhaber, for nature lovers, Tourismus, Tourism

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Festival of Lights

Dunnville, Ontario, nicely located on the Grand River

Watch the video: Byng Island, schönes Erholungsgelände bei Dunnville, Ontario, beautiful conservation area

Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, impressionen of various visits, tourism

Lake Erie, Impressionen, impressions

Dain City, Welland, Ontario, impressions, Impressionen

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

Niagara Parkway, Kanada, Canada Tourismus, tourism

Ringberg Hotel in Suhl

Portfolio of a few English Web Sites
preserve memories
searchable database for Ontario
Visit the province of Ontario in Canada
Visit and explore Newfoundland-Labrador
Visit Thuringia in Germany
Christian Camp Kahquah of the BIC church
See the Christmas  drive through at the BIC church in Welland, Ontario
Happy Rolph's bird sanctuary and petting farm
Balls Falls, still a hidden treasure in the Niagara Region
Point Pelee, National Park
Rock Point Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Erie
Byng Island, conservation area, Dunnville, Grand River, outdoor pool, camping, fishing, boating
Selkirk Provincial Park on Lake Erie
Visit the Heritage Festival in Marshville, Wainfleet, Ontario
Canal days in Port Colborne, Don't miss this event!
dragon boat regatta, event
little adventurse at the Niagara River, Whirlpool aero car, hiking in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve
follow us on a tour along the scenic Niagara Parkway
A sightseeing tour along the Grand River
a tour along the northern shore of Lake Erie
Lily's cuisine, Chinese and Canadian food, Welland, Ontario
Café Amalia, Welland, Italian coffee shop, gelato, sndwiches and much more
annual Rose Parade in Welland, Ontario
Meister's Sweets, German pastry and coffee shop in Crystal Beach
our sugar bush adventure
Susan's Villa, b & b, Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada, close to Falls, suites
Military Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Tourism
Fort George, Niagara on the Lake
The siege of Fort Erie, don't miss this spectacular event
Old Fort Erie, tourism, travel guide
butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls Canada
Powwow, Pow Wow, Fort Erie, Ontario, native people, event
Springerle cookie molds, our Swiss made molds are on sale to make room for our new collection
Ken Hamilton, the Springerle baker
ice fishing in Ontario
Huronia Museum and Huron Ouendat Village
Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene
Sainte-Marie among the Hurons
Shopping tips
wine tasting at Pittilleri in Niagara-on-the-Lake
events, celebration in Ontario
Memorial Place Point Alpha, a hot spot during the Cold War
don't miss to participate in a guided tour through this cave in Thuringia
a beautiful spa in Masserberg, Thuringia
Keltenbad, Celtic bath, spa, Bad Salzungen
treetop path in the national park Hainich
Thüringentherme, Mühlhausen, Thuringia, spa, indoor, outdoor pools, sauna and more
A great spa,  Avenida Therne in Thuringia
spa in Suhl
Heinrichser Maifest a medieval event in Suhl
Father's day celebration in Thuringia
Medieval feast in Eisenach
vehicle museum in Suhl, Thuringia