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Visit and explore Belleville and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"South Eastern Ontario"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Belleville and surroundings

My first visit to Belleville was not planned.
Many Years ago I was with my used Kawasaki Katana on a trip to Quebec when it caught fire shortly before Belleville because of a short circuit.
It was loaded on truck and brought to a dealership. I stayed in a motel and rented a car.
It took a few days to get all the required spare parts and I explored Belleville. At this time no digital cameras were on the market and I did not take any pictures.
I enjoyed everything what I saw in Belleville and especially the friendliness of the local people impressed me so much that I came back a few times later with my wife Elizabeth.
We visited together all the places which I had seen before.
We drove several times over the Bay Bridge to the Prince Edward County.

Belleville,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The Town Hall - many thanks to "Flibirigit" and Wikipedia

Belleville is a city where you can spend a few days without the pressure to repair a vehicle. It is worth exploring the surrounding area, making contact with the friendly inhabitants or visiting one or more of the attractions.
like to remember my time in Belleville, where I met some interesting people and also consumed one of the best steaks. On my second visit to Elizabeth, obviously another cook was working and I was very disappointed. That happened also to me before in Germany and in Austria.
The first time I stayed in a budget motel. The second time with Elizabeth had us billeted in an old hotel. Many, many years ago, certain ladies obviously offered their services there.
We had "Brunsch", a mix of breakfast and lunch. It was fantastic. When we returned years later we learned that the hotel had burned down. Pity!
Get up-to-date information when you are here. There is always something to do or visit.
Of course we drove again to the island and I showed her the beautiful sandy beach. Unfortunately, this time was littered with dead fish. That's why we did not go into the water.
Belleville currently has about 50,000 inhabitants, which is equivalent to Welland where we live.

Belleville,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Again the Town Hall - many thanks to "Peregrine981" and Wikipedia

Below you can see the bridge that spans the Bay of Quinte to the island. This is being renovated as many other bridges.
Also, the "Moira River" flows into the bay here.
Do not get confused by the map - it's really an island. A narrow channel separates it from the mainland at the other end.

Belleville,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Bay Bridge" - many thanks to "Ryan William" and Wikipedia

Belleville,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elizabeth and the remains of the historic "Bogart-Carman Building"

Belleville,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

When we visited a relative of Elizabeth in Belleville, we walked around a lot here. At that time I could still do it!
This are two of the few pictures that were not lost. I had them on a small floppy disk.
As already mentioned Belleville is separated by the "Gulf of Quinte" from the island "Prince Edward County".
This time we drove over the bridge again. Luckily we did not find any dead fish on the beach. Do not miss to visit this island.
Elizabeth was always enthusiastic about the visits - except for the dead fish we found the first time. Especially the artists' studios and all the other shops had done that to her. She is and remains a "Shopping Monster"!
I am still dreaming of an other holiday with Elizabeth there. I gathered so many information how to spend the time. The "Provincial Parks" and the little towns would bring us immediately in the appropriate mood if the weather is cooperating. But the summer in Ontario is normally blessed with lots of sun.

Prince Edward,  Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Prince Edward island - many thanks to Wikipedia and Vic Brincat

There was so much to see. We could have spent days here.
Among other things, you can also observe the bird life, fish, go cycling, hiking and much more.
I learned that during prohibition, alcohol produced here was smuggled into the US, which made some of those involved quite wealthy. Today, many Canadians buy their alcohol in the US because it is much cheaper there.

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