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The Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Feel like being in the rain forest.

Hours of Operation:

As far as we know the conservatory is open all the year. For detailed information please ask in any tourist office. I don't want to take the risk to mislead you.
We also do not want to link to any "official" websites any longer. We did this on our German site and Internet addresses were very often changed. I am not interested in having dead links in our presentations.
Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
The "Butterfly Conservatory"

When we visited "Butterfly Conservatory" for the first time it was a muggy day shortly after a heat wave in August.
We were very glad that we arrived early in the morning when the place was not too crowded and we had a chance to see everything very relaxed in the pleasant surrounding.
First we studied the displayed information about the live cycle of butterflies in the entrance hall.
In order to be well prepared for that what you will see later, you should also watch the well made video film which is shown in a designated room close to the entrance. No additional fee was charged!

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
No problems for handicapped people

t not stay outside of the " Butterfly Conservatory" in Niagara Falls. You will find ramps in addition to stairs and wide doors. Certainly also somebody who is willing to assist you if you need help.
If you have problems walking for a longer time - there are seat benches everywhere. Take an occasional rest and watch the beautiful surrounding or read the information which were given to you when you purchased the ticket.
Read also all of the information which are nicely displayed. It is always much more enjoyable when you know what you see and not to miss anything.
Naturally, the conservatory has also a gift and souvenir store as well as a restaurant.
The souvenir shop offers all kind of articles related to butterflies.
Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
Please do not touch!

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
Butterflies everywhere

We can only show a few pictures to give you an impression of what you can expect when you visit the butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls, Canada.
Pictures can not be a substitute for an actual visit. Bring your camera and make also a video!
My wife Elizabeth told me that she will bring next time a book to read and enjoying at the same time the feeling of being in a "rain forest".
Don't rush, look around, there is always something new to discover.
All efforts were taken to create a natural setting. The animals which you can find here are a proof. Just look at the water turtles.
Some animals however, such as lizards are obviously masters in hiding because as much as we looked we could not find one.

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
All kind of animals found a home here

In important task is to keep the little world within the butterfly conservatory in a natural balance. These birds are important helpers. They live from diseased and sick butterflies. I never saw them chasing healthy insects.
The birds are used to all the visitors but you should not try to touch them. Just take pictures of them or a video clip when they are at work. Listen to their "beautiful" songs.

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
They help you keep everything clean

In the meantime, we have been back here for several times with friends and everybody was excited about the beauty of the plants and the whole setting.
Sometimes you must look really carefully to discover the butterflies between the leaves and blossoms. I was told that approximately 50 different kind of butterflies are kept here.
They are all different in color, size and patterns. Some look like flowers, others like leaves.
This camouflage is a natural protection against predators and humans.

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
Born to eat!

You can take photographs, but please do not touch the fragile butterflies. Allow them to rest on your hand or wherever they land. They do not do any harm to you. Watch your step that you don't squash one.
It was quiet and very relaxing in the butterfly house. We were also surprised that the air was not hot and humid. At least we thought so after the heat wave which we had before in the Niagara Region.
All the tropical plants gave us the feeling of being in a real rain forest. We discovered many Australian trees, ferns, orchids - just take your time and look around. Signs help you to identify the plants. Watch out for water turtles, frogs, fish and birds which help to balance the little eco system. They eat also the dead butterflies and keep everything clean.

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide

Everywhere are plates with fruits to feed the butterflies. The natural habitat does not provide sufficient food for the thousands of insects.
We always saw the same kind of butterflies eating. I got the feeling that is what they do all day long.
The birds will certainly like that!

Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Falls, tourism, travel guide
Unfortunately, you can't show everything in one web site

Certain butterflies seem to know that they are beauties and that nobody will hurt them. You see them everywhere and they do not hesitate to land on your hand if you stretch it out. But as already said - please do not touch them. The delicate animals would not survive your attempt to show them your love. If they can't fly any longer - they will be eaten by the "cleaning staff", the birds.
Please talk to your children about this and proper behavior. They certainly will enjoy what they see and learn here.
Ask about educational programs which are offered for students and children.

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