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Springerle molds made by Dukasi in Germany
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How to take good care of your cookie molds.
Also things you should not do!

As we have told you, these cookie molds are replicas. Nevertheless, they are unique and handcrafted valuable collectibles. For that reasons you should know how to keep them in mint condition.
The best way to make Springerle is to press the mold into the dough. If the mold is very deep it may be better to press the dough into the mold.
Never use a rolling pin to press the mold into the dough - the mold may break!

We use a non-poisonous porcelain like material for the replicas. They will break when you drop them. For that reason please be careful. We also use a paint which is food save and resistant against the dough. However, the paint may swell if exposed for too long to water. This can happen when you use paper clay. Please do not soak our molds in water - brush them briefly under running water and dry them.
Most manufacturers of none-stick cook ware recommend similar precautions and you would never do it with wooden mold either! If small traces of dough remain in the mold after use, do not try to scratch them out by using a needle or any other sharp utensil.
Never put molds in the dishwasher!
Please do not bake the dough in the molds. This would be a complete new practice and the mold is not made for that. Also do not use them in a micro-wave.
Misuse is not covered by our warranty.
We will perform tests with different kind of paper clay to make sure that no damage to the paint will occur. We will add instructions in our web site.
All of our replicas can break or get chipped. Handle them like expensive China!

Remark: We always try to protect our molds against chipping and breakage during the shipping process. For that reason we also changed the hanging device for our own line of molds. The previous used eyelet caused occasionally damage. If any molds arrive damaged, please let us know.

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