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Teccem, specialty lubricants, fluorinated oils, greases and much more
international trading company
Springerle molds made by Dukasi in Germany
for making designer cookies
Cook Books from Olli Leeb
international trading company
136 West Main Street
Welland ON L3C 5A2
Tel. 905-788-3577
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Order Information for North American Customers
and Terms of Business

Our Concept:
international trading company will do mail ordering of Springerle molds to the North American market. Customers from other countries can also send us their request. We will respond immediately.
Our Prices:
The prices shown in our web site are all retail prices in US or Canadian funds. Please select your country on the main page. A flat rate of $11.00 will be added to each order.
Our Canadian prices do not include any longer the applicable HST. It will be shown in our invoice.
All shipping and handling prices are based for using Canada Post.
We do everything to avoid back orders. If it occurs, we will not charge any shipping for the back order.
All replicas with the letters "SM" in the item number are made from molds which we own. Most of them are custom carved for us by Dukasi in Germany. Because this is much more costly than just to copy a mold which somebody else owns or pirate a design the costs of every mold are naturally higher. With the present exchange rate between the Euro and the US dollar we see no chance to offer our molds for a reasonable whole sale price.
As soon as the exchange rate becomes more reasonable, we will check this decision again.
How to order:
Please use our shopping cart and place your order. We do not accept orders from customers by phone. I got serious hearing problems. We will check availability before we ask you for payment and confirm the order.
Prepayment by PayPal is required.

Please use the "Springerle Cookie Molds Worldwide" button to return to our shopping carts.

Watch the slide show - TECCEM, specialty lubricants moved from Thuringia to Mellrichstadt a beautiful small town in Bavaria