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Our own line of Springerle molds

The decision to go ahead.

For many years we offered the beautiful replicas of Springerle cookie molds from a well known Swiss supplier.
Because of serious problems with prompt delivery we lost customers.
For that reason we decided to start our own line of molds. We reject to produce and sell pirated copies of our previous selection.
We began with purchasing antique original molds. We also found a small company, called "Dukasi" in Thuringia which is carving new motives for us. We are allowed to copy those originals. They even will sell our products in Europe.
Based on our experience we ask them to create specific molds for us and finally we are able to fulfill specific requests from customers in time. wood carvers to create new motives for us.
Please be aware that we will take legal actions against everybody who copies our molds in order to sell them. However, nothing is wrong to sell cookies or art work which can not be used to make cookies, chocolates, wax impressions etc.
Our replicas will be manufactured in Germany by a company called "TECCEM" which is owned by my son. This means the business stays in the family.
We also decided to use only material which is not poisonous to minimize health hazards especially during production and also when using our molds. Put please still obey our care instructions.

Selection of motives to be carved.

By selling Springerle molds for many years we learned what our customers wanted. Unfortunately, we could not always respond to their demands. Now we have much more flexibility when selecting motives.
We start by asking our carver to create an artistic sketch which we discuss with selected customers before placing the order. We are also adding new motives which were proposed by our customers. Our carver is young and very talented. Some of the molds will be in a more modern design but the old tradition of carving cookie molds stays alive and helps securing jobs. Even Sarah, the little daughter of the carver is helping to create a motive for us.

Little Sarah posing with a snowman

Sweet little Sarah will also be the chief advisor for fairy tale motives which we want to add to our collection.
Naturally, we are also looking for carvers in Canada and the USA who can help us to offer molds preserving North American culture.

Our carvers.

So far we have one company who carves for us. The name of this company is "Dukasi" and is located in beautiful Thuringia. (Just visit our travel guide to learn about this beautiful state in Germany!)
Springerle were not well known in this part of former East Germany. After an extensive familiarization with this old trade they started to carve the first molds for us and demonstrated this during a Christmas fair in Baden Wurttemberg. They were one of the major attractions when they demonstrated their skills and collected the first corers from other customers.

carving of our cookie molds
Workplace of Dukasi during a show in Germany
carving of our springerle molds
Dukasi is demonstrating the carving of our molds during this show

The different steps for carving an exclusive mold:

Only well seasoned but untreated wood is used. Either linden, pear or cherry wood is traditionally used. For the purpose of making replicas linden wood is being selected.

The drawing of the motive is transferred to the wood. It is mandatory that the artist considers already in the first sketch all requirements from the carver.

After the drawing has been copied on the wood the actual carving begins. Very special carving tools of high quality are used. Occasionally they must be custom made for the delicate work.

High attention is required to carve letters and numbers mirror inverted and to imagine how the positive of the carved contours will appear later on an impression in dough.

After the beekeeper has been carved the artist proceeds with creating the plant which is part of the motive. A single mistake can ruin all the previous work!

Another special tool is required to carve all the fine details of the bee hive. No mass produced machined mold can compete against this craftsmanship.

Even buzzing bees are part of this fine handcrafted mold.

The delicate border of this mold is another challenge.

The border is almost completed and luckily no mistakes occurred.

A special saw is used to cut the mold to the right size.

To remove all marks the mold will be carefully sanded.

A final check is done by creating an impression of the molds. Minor corrections can still be done.

The mold will be branded with the "Dukasi Logo". This guarantees the quality and authenticity of this handmade mold. Only one wooden mold is produced of each kind.
No varnish will be used on the wooden mold. It will be used as it is to create the molds required for the casting process. Only silicone rubber which is approved for contact with food will be used for that purpose and all required measures will be taken to avoid any impurities during the manufacturing process.
Each mold is cleaned carefully before using it for casting the replicas.

The replica

An impression of the original mold using dough.

Our handcrafted replicas.

It is time consuming but relatively easy to make replicas of original Springerle molds when you have all the equipment to avoid the serious health hazards when working with the well known resins and when you must not comply to regulations concerning the allowable emissions to the environment.
These are expensive investing and we did not want to take any chances in being ignorant and exposing our supplier to any avoidable risk.
For that reason we contacted many suppliers of materials which are suitable for making replicas of Springerle cookie molds. We ordered material safety data sheets and compared all essential data. We manufactured the first samples at my son's company TECCEM and did tests. After we were happy with the results, we found in Dukasi a very qualified partner to manufacture also the replicas. After the first test at TECCEM our objectives were:
• to use a high quality silicone rubber for the molds which are used for casting the replicas..
• to use material which is certified as non poisonous and to follow the few recommendations for work place safety.
• to use shellac which is approved for use in the food industry for painting the replicas to allow easy release of the dough and to protect the clay or porcelain like material against water.
• to establish a quality control system which reduces scrap and ensures same quality of our products.
• to use a hanging device which cannot be pulled out by the weight of the molds and which cannot cause any damage to other molds during shipping.
• to reduce the weight by adding a food save filler material which also reduces possible breakage.

This is the picture of a replica of the mold which was carved by Mr. Siegmann from Dukasi. Sarah, his daughter works as a consultant for fairy tale motives.
I hope that she keeps up the good work and gets some rewards for it.

Please forward any suggestions of new motives which we should offer. We already have a long list but the carving is time consuming and not cheap.

Copyright: copying and selling of pirated molds from our own line will be prosecuted!