on-line department store from international trading company offers Over Canada products, springerle cookie molds, books and DVD about German history
international trading company
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Our On-line Store for North American customers:

About us:

Almost 20 years ago we started as an importe/export business. We offered European products in Canada and Candian products in Europe. As soon as Internet became popular we used this to reach our customers. At the same time we reduced the variety of products because of sales restrictions from our European suppliers.
We are still looking for unique US or Canadian products which we can sell in Europe. Unfortunately, we are forced to discontinue the "Over Canada poducts" because they are not longer available.
We have created independant shopping carts, assigned to the different product lines and currencies.

Our cookie mold store
USA and Canada

Our store for "Over Canada Products"
Will be closed soon
USA and Canada

Our General Store
USA and Canada

Our store for the electro acupuncture unit
Acuhealth Pro 900
Canada only
replica, Springerle cookie mold from Germany
Replicas of Springerle molds from Switzerland and Germany
Over Canada products
DVD's, videos, books from "Over Canada Productions"

General store, German history, ME 262, Hitler's wonder weapons, other articles to come
DVD's and books about German history.
Other products may be added!

Acuhealth Pro 900, no needle electro acupuncture
Electro acupucture unit
No-needle acupuncture for home treatment