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Address and contact:

Meister's Sweets
255 Derby Road
Crystal Beach ON L0S 1B0, Canada
Phone: 905-894-8937

Opening Hours:

Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
For groups (when closed) on request by advanced booking
Take out orders (when closed): please call or send e-mail

Lothar Meister makes Candies using ISOMALT and our Springerle Cookie Molds

About Lothar Meister

Lothar Meister is a German master baker and pastry chef and also my friend. He made great looking decorations for wedding cakes using the "ISOMALT". Just open the side "Catering" and see the swans!
I asked him to try our replicas of Springerle cookie molds and he did so. His daughter used them as Christmas tree decorations.
When I asked him for a demonstration how to do that he did not hesitate.


ISOMALT ST can be purchased in the USA and Canada. It is used as a sugar substitute. One supplier known to us is:
BENEO-Palatinit, Inc.
2740 State Route 10, Ste 205
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
BENEO-Palatinit INC. writes "ISOMALT ST is the premium choice for producing sugar-free, low-calorie and tooth friendly confectionery. Its sugar-like sensorial profile, excellent form stability and long shelf life make ISOMALT ST the preferred sugar replacer for deposited, filled or stamped candy."
The German plant has been inspected including all the manufacturing processes and has received a "Kosher Certificate".

We sell on-line replicas of this hand carved molds. Just visit our web site at:
Springerle Cookie Molds - shopping cart for US customers
Springerle Cookie Molds - shopping cart for Canadian customers

What you need:
• food coloring
• cream of tartar
• Cacao butter as release agent and a brush
• No stick pan
• wooden spoon for stirring
• Replicas of (our) Springerle cookie molds
• a flexible food save silicone baking mat
• a microwave
• a hair dryer
• sharp kitchen scissors
• food save plastic gloves

Getting started:
Pour the ISOMALT in a none stick frying pan. Don't worry about the amount - you can remelt material not used up.
Stir it with a wooden spoon until it is melted.

ISOMALT will be clear when melted.

Lothar poured some vegetable oil on the silicone mat. I will do more testing to find out wether this is really necessary. Because he did the first kneading of the melted and still hot ISOMALT by using this mat. I will try to specify a suitable mat.

I will clarify the need of using oil

This is a good exercise for your hands!

Please keep going with twisting the ISOMALT or stretching it. This makes it more shiny and attractive looking.

Lothar did not get tired

Cutting the rolled ISOMALT in suitable pieces

Lothar is brushing the molds with cacao butter for easy release of the ornamental candy

Lothar used the hair dryer also on the ISOMALT.

It should be so warm that you can press it easily into the mold. Remove it immediately and avoid to bend or deform it too much.
This process needs also more testing because it will affect the appearance of your work.
As you can see our first test samples are not perfect and need improvement!
I believe that using ISOMALT to create edible art work or crafts is a very promising new use of our Springerle cookie molds. All the fine details will be shown on these unique decorations for many occasions.

Place the ISOMALT in a none stick frying pan

Your edible art work will be clear when you do not add food coloring. We added white food coloring because the clear edible ornaments did not show up very well on the pictures despite the fact that they are gorgeous.
Lothar also added a little bit of cream of tartar to inhibit the formation of crystals. Please check the Internet for helpful information about cream of tartar!

Add the food coloring of your choice - follow the applicable instructions

Lothar wrapped the mat around the hot ISOMALT an started kneading it.

If you suffer from arthritis make candies instead of using hat wax on your hands!

One time Lothar used a microwave for a few seconds to warm up the ISOMALT.

Lothar finally decided " enough is enough"

Some of the used Springerle cookie molds

He carefully warmed up the mold with a hair dryer. Please do not damage the molds by applying too much heat!

Flatten it carefully before it becomes too hard

This seems to me to be the most difficult part of making attractive ornaments. Don't destroy details of the motive and maintaining at the same time the shape.
In addition you must trim the ornament as longs as it is still flexible with sharp kitchen scissors. I will make test using a knife, cookie cutters etc. to determine the best way. Please share your experience with us! Thanks.

Not yet perfect, but I am confident that the appearance can be improved!

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