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We became fans of Newfoundland-Labrador. Unspoiled nature, the hospitality of the local people made our trips unforgettable. Browse through our brief Internet travel guide to get a few impressions of what we experienced when we explored the island - called "The Rock" and Labrador - called "The Big Land". Our little adventures and encounters will hopefully inspire you to follow our steps into a different world.
I believe that everyone should explore first his home country. I was only able to do this for certain parts when I spend most of my life in Germany. It changed a little bit after getting married with a Elizabeth a true Canadian. Together we also explored a small part of my new county - Canada.
It is fun to travel with Elizabeth and we would do much more if we would have the time and the money.
We went on a business trip to Newfoundland because I was asked helping to promote the sales of chalets in the Humber Valley Resort, close to Corner Brook on the west coast of this island.
We became immediately addicted to "The Rock" and its wonderful people. In order to attract potential customers to this still very unknown province we decided that it is mandatory to show people what to expect, what they can do here, the life style and all other things to attract them.
After hearing horror stories from people in Ontario about Newfoundland I was convinced that this was a right decision. Having done lots of promotional work In German I decided to prepare in addition also a brief presentation of this wonderful province in English. Please feel free to correct me if you find any spelling or other mistakes.
I am thankful for every help. Thanks also again to the government of Newfoundland-Labrador for the great help which they provided with advise, brochures, images, announcing our visits and a fabulous dinner in St. John's.
I write what I experienced and what I think - I am honest. This will hurt sometimes people, but I want to help and I am not a politician and I never want to become one.
During our first trips I used an older digital camera which was pretty slow which was bad when we went on a tour to see the whales.

Remark: Step by step, I will add slide shows and video clips (if available) for places which we had seen. But practicing German by using the shown German links may help you to enjoy later vacations in Germany or other German speaking countries in Europe.

Arrival in Port aux Basques on our second tour

For our first trip we came by air and landed in Deer Lake where we were picked up by a very friendly lady.
For our next trips we traveled with our own car - a Toyota Highlander - and used the ferry from North Sidney in Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland. Our last trip started in Labrador.
Deer Lake and Port aux Basques are located in the tourist region "Western region". Our German travel guide follows these regions. The only change that I made was that I considered Labrador to be Labrador and described the east coast of the "Big Land" as part of it and not as part of the island. That made much more sense to me.

map of the Western Region of Newfoundland
The official map of the Western Region

Port aux Basques

Immediately after our arrival we drove along the south coast. Our task was Rose Blanch where the road ends. If you want to travel further east you must use a boat or hike.
Naturally, we stopped several times for sightseeing and to take pictures.

Please enlarge above map to see the route we drove to Rose Blanche.

We discovered some of these gardens along the road.

Agriculture is only possible in a few areas of Newfoundland. Most products are imported - mainly from Nova Scotia.
To have small gardens is not a hobby. They are necessary when you want to have fresh vegetables or some fruits to feed you family.
We arrived in June and the weather was not very pleasant. Elizabeth was shivering when she left the car. We were also hungry - so we stopped at the first restaurant in Rose Blanche.

The south coast of Newfoundland

Here we experienced again the hospitality which we loved so much during our first trip

We order two delicious home cooked meals which were not expensive. Elizabeth discovered immediately the crafts which reminded us on things which we once imported from Germany.

Craft made by people from Newfoundland.

We had a pleasant talk with the owner and her children. They also called around to find a B & B for us. We wanted to avoid stress and pressure and did no advanced booking at all. Not even the ferry.
The children showed us pictures which they had taken in this area and told us little stories.
I could still understand everything - this changed later during our trip.

The B & B were we stayed - this picture was taken the next day.

The bright sunshine changed everything. The sea was not any longer gray but blue, the grass was green, we could see little flowers and our friendly host gave us advise what to see in Rose Blanche.

Rose Blanche

Newfoundland was always known for its fishing industry. Because of over fishing restrictions have been introduced and most fishermen have now problems to make their living. Many of them had to leave their villages to find jobs.
Tourism is suffering because of publications and world wide protests of animal lovers who fight the slaughtering of baby seals. I received many complaints because of that and of my promoting of Newfoundland.
I never witnessed that and cannot say too much. But if their would not be any market for the furs this kind of hunting may not be any longer big business. On the other hand a overpopulation of seals would be also a problem. Unfortunately, not too many people have ever tried seal meat. Only in Newfoundland we met some teenager who loved it. What about seal burgers?
I agree that the kind of killing is very questionable, but when I bough fresh trout in Bavaria the fish was killed also with a wooden stick and cleaned out immediately. I think the same laws shall be apply everywhere.

Information about the lighthouse in Rose Blanche

Naturally we had followed the advise from our host. and climbed up to the lighthouse. It is not any longer in use, but it became a tourist attraction after it was renovated as part of a job creation program.

The lighthouse in Rose Blanche

Nobody there

We always wanted to go out on a real fishing vessel to see and experience the hard work of real fishermen.
Unfortunately. we did not have any luck. No insurance would provide the required coverage for a reasonable price.
I did not like this reason, but when you hear that people still get killed by the sea because of the fast changing weather conditions I have to accept this decision.

Watch the slideshow: "Nationalpark National Park Gros Morne Neufundland Newfoundland Impressionen impressions":

Watch the video: "Journey to Newfoundland Labrador. Autoreise nach Neufundland-Labrador":

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

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