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Teccem, specialty lubricants, fluorinated oils, greases and much more
How TECCEM helped us to get started with our own line of Springerle Cookie Molds

TECCEM is developer, manufacturer and distributor of special lubricants. The product line from TECCEM includes chemical resistant lubricants, chemically inert greases, high temperature greases and chain oils, high vacuum greases, assembly greases, white greases and greases for hot-forming of acrylic glass.
TECCEM is operated by my son and I asked him to help me with the first production trials and with the selection of suitable food save materials and processes which do not pose any health hazards during production.
Making replicas of Springerle cookie molds would have been a complete new product line and the company is not equipped to do this for larger quantities. However, TECCEM was a great help in many aspects to get started with a product line in Germany and to select a good company to take over later.
This was mandatory Because of increasing workload in the lubricant business and required investments which would be mandatory for a series production of the cookie molds.
TECCEM will be still available to help us if needed. Dukasi who will do all future carving for us and manufactures also the replicas of the molds is very close to the place were my son lives.

TECCEM our partner in Germany - please use the link to visit the company


After the decision to create and offer our own line of Springerle cookie molds the company of my son was the first choice to talk to.
Working together with TECCEM and making our own molds had many advantages during the start up phase:
• TECCEM is since many years a successful manufacturer and world wide distributor of specialty lubricants. Many of these high tech products have been developed by TECCEM to meet specific customer requests. All this experience and know how will be beneficial for our product line of Springerle molds. Selling food grade lubricants is an additional source of knowledge for making safe products.
• the expertise of TECCEM was very beneficial in offering molds which do not pose any health hazards during production and use.
Only non-poisonous materials and safe processes could be determined.

TECCEM was located in Suhl which is a well known town in the southern part of beautiful Thuringia. Because of high taxes the company moved to close by Mellrichstadt in Bavaria.
Thuringia is one of the "New States" of Germany which means it was part of the GDR (East Germany) before the unification.
TECCEM had selected Suhl as a place for business because of its excellent connections by "Autobahns" and train to all major places of the EU.
Unfortunately financial reasons made a move to Bavaria mandatory. Bavaria's economy is still growing thanks to the political environment and is very beautiful. Just visit our Internet travel guide. I hope that I will be able to complete it.
Thuringia was always known for excellent craftsmanship. Just visit our Internet tourist guide to learn more about Thuringia and all the attractions, the culture and the beautiful Thuringia forest.

TECCEM was manufacturing the first casting molds for the pre-production. They are made out of food safe silicone rubber.
As you can see, we also purchased antique wooden molds which will be copied. The advantage of owing the original molds is that you can use it over and over again to make a good quality casting mold. A copy of a copy is never a good solution.
Parallel to this work, TECCEM did trials with different casting materials for the production molds and surface finish. We involved specialists from the suppliers to get optimal results.
We have sent samples to selected customers for their comments.

About Dukasi

Thanks to our activities to promote tourism to Thuringia, we got very helpful advise when we were searching for qualified carvers for our new line of Springerle molds.
Very close to Suhl and TECCEM we found a company called "Dukasi" in Sondershausen. All of our newly carved molds came so far from them.
As already stated TECCEM's main business is the development, production and sales of high tech lubricants. This has naturally the highest priority. For that reason, we asked Dukasi to become also involved in the production of replicas. We were extremely pleased about the positive response from Dukasi.
Dukasi received all that know how and added very valuable ideas how to improve the quality of the molds.
Dukasi is a very trustful partner and all work was always completed in time.
Today it looks like that Dukasi gained already an excellent reputation in the niche market of carving original wooden Springerle molds.
They also began to sell the replicas within the European market.
To learn more about both companies, just use the installed links by clicking at the specific banners.

Improvements done by Dukasi:

The eyelets which our Swiss supplier uses as a hanging device for the molds had several disadvantages:
• They could not hold heavier molds safely. They just ripped out of the molds which felt down and was broken or chipped.

• During shipping the eyelets could cause damage to other molds which were packed close to them.

At TECCEM we used foldable eyelets which were attached safely during the casting process. The disadvantage was that the back side of the mold could not be sanded properly. Dukasi developed a very simple hanging device which eliminated this problem.

Dukasi uses also a vacuum chamber to avoid little air bubbles in the replica molds. They also use a better silicone rubber for the casting molds.

An other improvement is the painting. They use state-of-the-art equipment and are much better trained than my son.

We also will reduce the weight of the molds in future by adding tiny little glass bubbles as filler material. We hope that this will also help the reduce problems with chipping and breakage.

All pre-production molds made by TECCEM are being sold with a discount of approximately 30%!

Watch the slide show - TECCEM, specialty lubricants moved from Thuringia to Mellrichstadt a beautiful small town in Bavaria