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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Ruhpolding
Traunstein Region, Upper Bavaria
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Ensign Ruhpolding

Everywhere Elizabeth's mountains! With so much to see and so much to do you will need more than just a day trip.
I was on an extended vacation from work but time was of the essence for Elizabeth with her volunteer work for the "Nachbarschaftshilfe" (neighborhood help) in Vaterstetten near our home town of Zorneding.
She took care of terminal ill people and we always had to keep her tight schedule in mind. Her expertise is in helping the elderly.
For that reason we did a few trips to Ruhpolding because ewe never could stay over night.

Ruhpolding in summer

Ruhpolding has a long and colorful recorded history. It is said that the first settlers where here as far back as the 6 th century A.D.

The "Glockenschmiede"
If you are real museum fanatic and buff, you can spend a whole day to visit all the museums in Ruhpolding. Start your morning with a good breakfast, wear comfortable shoes and are prepared to do nothing but go museum hopping from dawn to dusk. It is amazing what this village wit a population of about 6500 has to offer. The "Holzknechtmuseum", the "Bartholomäus-Schmucker-Heimatmuseum", the "Historische Glockenschmiede" and the "Schnauferlstall".
Eventually, you use a rainy day to do this instead of sitting in your room and watching TV.

We had always beautiful weather and missed to visit any of these attractions. We also thought that we live close by and can do this any time - we were wrong!
Please visit the official web site of Ruhpolding to get more information about all the museums, accommodation, events etc.

Ruhpolding - many thanks to "Lukas Gerhold" and Wikipedia

Ruhpolding - many thanks to "Michael Braun" and Wikipedia

Ruhpolding - many thanks to "Mario Becker" and Wikipedia

For us sightseeing, enjoying a good Bavarian meal complete with a beer or two and friendly conversation with the locals even where the first priorities.
Have you ever tried an "Enzian" or a "William Christ Birne" after you have eaten a heavy meal?
"Enzian" is a flower and the "William Christ Birne" is a special kind of pear.
Not only in Bavaria the flower and the fruit are processed to an excellent tasteful "Schnaps" (schnapps). Not sweet, but with a delicious flavor and taste. We used it normally as a medicine for good digestion. Please do not over indulge! You may talk funny or loose your drivers license.
Do what we did - some walking or hiking. Even in Winter we explored in the village by foot - but during summer we enjoyed it much more.
We did not have any equipment or outfit for cross country skiing which is very popular in most places in the mountains. Please contact a the tourist office in Ruhpolding if you are interested in any package deals for holidays in winter or summer. We cannot help you!

Ruhpolding in winter

Ruhpolding in winter

After being older now we became addicted to the wellness spas. Even smaller villages offer them now all over in Germany. In Ruhpolding visit the "Vita Alpina". It includes a wave pool, a sauna (be prepared for the German dress code - nude) a heated salt water pool and much more.
Visit our travel guide for Thuringia where we have visited many of such spas and you can see in the respective web sites what to expect.

Plan some time for the "Rauschberg"

We highly recommend that you take the gondola or cable car up to the "Rauschberg".
It is a very scenic ride and when you arrive at the summit you will be rewarded with an excellent meal in the mountain top restaurant. Sorry the cost of the meal is not included in the ticket price for the ride.
Watch the para gliders starting from here.
This sport became very popular, Use the link below to a video.

Watch the video "Drachenfliegen am Rauschberg / Chiemsee / Ruhpolding ":

Watch the video "Die Ruhpoldinger Landschaft ":

Watch the video "Bayern des samma mia - Haindling - Bayern in Prag (Ruhpolding) ":

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